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Numerology name brings luck and prosperity to you becomes your lucky name. your Numerology luck numbers help you to become successful in any undertaking.lucky day of the week which falls on your luckynumber or friendly number is more favorable.

Numerology Number 1 ::

It indicates that 1 are ambitious and independent with a creative bent of mind. 1 will excel in professions where managerial qualities are required. 1 will see any work completed. 1 are worried about name and fame and do not yield to flattery. 1 want to lead others and do not want to follow. 1 will excuse others if they bend before 1.

Numerology Number 2 ::

It indicates that 2 are romantic, emotional, imaginative and inventive. 2 love to change and this leads to frequent travels. 2 change 2 decisions. 2 like good food and drinks. 2 will have two sources of income. 2 will earn name and fame elsewhere outside 2 native place. 2 are family- oriented and respect old customs.

Numerology Number 3 ::

This number indicates that idealism, religion, expansion and optimism. 3 can easily spot any deception and dishonesty. 3 feel responsible in 3 work. 3 are a leader and good organizer. 3 do not want to be a subordinate to others. 3 will excel in a government sector where power and authority is important.

Numerology Number 4 ::

This number indicates that 4 view everything from an opposite angle. This mentality will make secrete enemies for 4. 4 will concentrate more on future than on present. 4 are unconventional and become a revolutionist. 4 excel in mathematics and law. 4 are more prone to skin diseases.

Numerology Number 5 ::

It indicates versatility and communication. 5 will have skill in different subjects and very tactful in 5 speech. 5 are calculative in spending money. 5 love commerce, finance and banking related subjects. Since 5 analysis will be generally correct, 5 will excel in stock exchange and shares.

Numerology Number 6 ::

It indicates magnetism and love 6 like to dress neatly and attractive to others. 6 are soft with sweet voice. 6 involve into love affairs and spend money on luxurious articles. 6 are fit for professions where artistic nature involved. 6 should control jealousy

Numerology Number 7 ::

This number indicates spirituality, mystery and sensitivity. 7 are sympathetic to the feelings of others. 7 dreams often come true. 7 have interest in mysterious things like gods and devils. 7 philosophical outlook will become an obstacle in earning money. 7 love reading books and enjoy indoor sports.

Numerology Number 8 ::

It indicates patience and duty. 8 are misunderstood most often by others. 8 have a warm heart but 8 appear cold and undemonstrative to others. 8 will see either great failures or great success in 8 life. 8 maintain limitations in every thing. 8 spouse will have a dominating nature.

Numerology Number 9 ::

This number represents stubborn nature, courage and aggressiveness. 9 are action-oriented and do not want to waste time in thinking. 9 are straight forward and 9 do not care even 9 superiors. 9 feel life is a battle and hence 9 make enemies quickly. 9 should control 9 anger and be diplomatic.

Caution : Do not change your name depending on this calculator. There are various systems of Numerology which should be considered along with individual letter meanings and karmic numbers etc. 

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